What Is A Domain Name:A Guide For Beginners

Although a domain name is a basic thing, a beginner may not completely know what it is. When you build your first website, choosing a domain name is an essential process. It ensures proper set up before your website goes live. However, the domain selection process requires careful consideration.

Domain name in a nutshell

So what exactly is a domain name? A domain name is a web address you type into a web browser. As you click go or press enter, the web address will take you to the website. A domain name is similar to a fingerprint. It is unique and cannot be shared.

Websites and domain names are also separate things. Your domain name is your phone number while the website is your phone. Just like your phone number, you have the option to change your domain name any time. However, you can only connect the domain name to a single website at a time.

Paid vs Free Domain Names

For people who create websites for recreational purposes, free domain names are options to consider. With free domain names, a website will have a sub-domain. However, free domain names are not recommended for building a long-term business. This is because you do not own the sub-domains despite the fact that it is free to use. A sub-domain cannot be transferred should you decide to switch to another service provider. Since a sub-domain name is only an extension, creating your own unique branding will be a challenge.

Buying A Domain Name

When you buy a domain name, paying an annual fee is necessary so your domain name remains registered over a certain period of time. Once your registration expires and you fail to renew, you will also lose the domain name. This will result in making the domain name available for other users to register. Before your registration expires, the service provider will send you an email indicating the date of expiration. You will also be provided with an auto-renewal option.

Transferring A Domain Name

The best thing about domain names is that they are not exclusive to one location. If you decide to transfer your domain name, the service provider will not restrict you so long as you pay the annual fee. You will be provided with instructions on how to transfer the domain name.

One reason for domain name transfer is when you switch website builders. If you have purchased your domain name through a domain name registrar, all you have to do is to reconnect your domain name to your new website builder and cut the connection to the previous one.

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