Web Hosting Problems And Their Solutions

Website hosting problems are very common for new website owners. There is a vast range of issues that web hosting support teams need to deal with. Many web hosting issues are purely technical. Others are due to the lack of communication between the customer and the website hosting company. A good web host provider must address the issues regardless of the root cause. Here's a rundown of the common web hosting problems and their solutions:

Cannot get the new site to work

Many new site owners encounter this problem because they do not have an idea how to operate their website. Some customers are quite confused with whether or not they are going to transfer the domain or change the name servers. There are also customers struggling with sorting out the difference in domain registrar. While this is an issue of familiarising the ins and outs of running a new website, walking the customer through the steps will help a lot. Provide technical support representatives that can help customers with various levels of technical expertise.

Get more domains working on the account

The process of getting additional domains can be confusing especially if your customers are new to running a website. If the add-on domain has been added properly on the server level and it still does not work, you need ask the hosting provider to check into it.

Choosing the correct login information

You might have trouble signing in as you do not know the log in information you are going to use. In this case you need a support team to help you get the right information. This can be done by submitting a support email or ticket.

Email not working

If your email is not working, you need to check the common reasons behind the problem such as an incorrect password, incorrect account configuration, server level issue and problem with disk quotas. You can fix this issue by checking the account configuration of your email client. You will also need to test if your email can be sent from webmail. If it can, the problem is mainly on the desktop client configuration.

Unable to install script for website hosting

There are several reasons script cannot be installed. One of the obvious reasons is due to the lack of proper knowledge. However, this should not be a problem because you can access the welcome email anytime. More often than not, the welcome email contains the information you need to get started. There are programs that can also help you install common scripts in a few minutes. You can use these programs to set up the script.

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