Website Design Principles For A Responsive Website

Web design is not just intended to provide visual treat to visitors. It is part of marketing and if your website looks unprofessional and hard to read, it cannot give you the results you are looking for.  This is  why website design principles must be applied to every design.

A good web design has four basic elements. These are shape, texture, direction and color.

Squares or rectangular are commonly used on webpages and websites. However, these are not the standard shapes of a good web design. In fact, you can experiment on other shapes that you may find suitable to your overall concept.

The texture can be natural or artificial. It makes the website more appealing by bringing out the content. You can incorporate several types of textures into the website.

Direction provides motion or movement to a web design. It provides hierarchy and relevance as your eyes move from one corner to another.

The color also makes a web design more creative. It is usually added in the later stage of the design process.

Website Design Principles

When you talk about a web design, the first thing that comes to mind is how the website feels and looks. However, a web design also involves how it responds and works. If you are a web designer and you are working on a website, you do not just include the basic elements but also ensure that the website is also highly responsive. The following are website design principles that make a website visually appealing and responsive.

Principle #1. Structure

Users who visit your website should have a pleasant experience navigating through it. It should be simple to understand and does not leave questions in your users' mind. Usability is important when designing a website because it makes it engaging. Focus on a highly intuitive structure that will enable users to know how to move from one page to another.

Principle #2. Accessibility

It is important for a website visitor to easily access the information on your website or webpage. Pay attention to the colors and text as they should not be harsh on the visitor's eyes. You should also be mindful of your background. Make sure it does not overpower the content and other elements of your website.

Principle #3. Visual Hierarchy

It is also essential to prioritise visual hierarchy on your design because it is as equally important as other principles. Visual hierarchy has to do with the sequence in which your eye moves from one content to another.

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