Web Downtime: Why Does Your Website Suffer

Uptime guarantee is the first thing businesses look for in a web hosting service. The web downtime host can have a negative effect on your website as it will mean losing money. If you have already earned your online reputation, downtime can also destroy it. It is indeed a nightmare to most businesses, but why do downtime occur in web hosting?

If ever you come across a website that is currently offline or unavailable, it means that the website is experiencing a period of downtime. When operating an online business, every minute is precious, but once the system fails, your website will also suffer.

Why Do Web Hosting Services Have Web Downtime?

System Maintenance: A server can go offline when it is under maintenance. Ad hoc maintenance is another term for system maintenance. If there are issues on the server, system maintenance will take place.

Software failure: the software has to be tested properly to prevent issues from occuring as it can result in application corruptions. Software failure can affect the entire system and even cause downtime.

Hardware failure: when there are multiple hard drives, network controllers and power supplies, it can eventually lead to system failure. Power outage may also happen when backup generators are not working properly.

Types of Downtime

Planned Downtime: This downtime refers to routine upgrades and maintenance. More often than not, a notification will be sent to customers ahead of time.

Unplanned Downtime: This type of downtime can happen without any warning. Software issues are one of the reasons for unplanned web downtime. Your web host service will notify you via a private message or social media updates once unplanned downtime occurs.

How much downtime is acceptable?

Although it is impossible to have zero downtime, web hosting services should try to achieve 99.999% uptime or 5 minutes downtime per year. Even 10 minutes of downtime means you are losing a lot of money as people will decide to head off to competitors. If you are searching for a reliable web host company, you should be mindful of the uptime percentage as 99% uptime means 3.65 days downtime per year.

There are many factors affecting uptime such as the storage capacity, reliability, performance and speed. These factors are the ones you are going to consider when choosing any web hosting service. The figures in the uptime guarantee can be confusing if you are not keen on choosing a reliable web host company. Aside from uptime, you should also check review and ratings.

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