Types Of Web Hosting Services And Their Features

When building a website, a reliable hosting service is required to keep the site running. There are different types of hosting services for you to choose from and the type of service you consider will depend on your needs and budget. It is essential to have an idea about the hosting options available to you. This way, you will know which type can effectively host your website.


Free Hosting

If you are building a website for fun, you may consider free hosting services as an option. However, it comes with a caveat because free hosting service means that the speed is slow and the website will frequently experience downtime. Ever come across advertising banners on some of the sites you visit? This is what exactly your website visitors are going to experience if you opt for free hosting service. These banners are automatically added to your website. If you do not mind these few disadvantages, then free hosting suits you.


Shared Hosting

This type of hosting involves two or more website owners sharing one server. You will be sharing the software applications and physical server with other owners. Although it is an affordable option, it still has its downsides and one of which is its slow speed.


Dedicated Hosting

If you want to run your website on one dedicated server without being bothered by ad banners, dedicated hosting is ideal for you. With this type of hosting, you will be able to enjoy faster performance as you get to enjoy the entire server. Since your website is run by a dedicated hosting service, this means you have sole responsibility in paying for the cost of operation on the entire server. This options works for websites that require much higher level of security.


Collocated Hosting

You will need to buy your own server if you choose collocated hosting. Your server will be housed at a web host's facilities. Collocated hosting has its own advantage and one of which is that you gain full control of the server. You can even install applications and scripts you need.

Features of a Hosting Plan

Regardless of the hosting plan you choose, each plan has its basic features:

Email Accounts

Email accounts are offered by most hosting services and there are three types of email accounts on offer: aliases, forwarding and POP3.

Disk Space

Hosting plans offer a specific amount of disk space where you can store your web files. If you are unsure of the amount to consider, you can try to estimate the space you need for your databases, emails and web files.

FTP Access

Transferring files to the web server is required when creating web pages using your computer. You will be transferring the files to the server with the use of FTP.

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