Should eCommerce Websites Run On HTTPS?

Security is considered paramount in the digital age.

Security issues can compromise your website. Ecommerce websites are not the only ones that should be using HTTPS. Websites that run on HTTP are more vulnerable to data breaches and cyber attacks. Considering the number of breach in security, websites should start embracing HTTPS.

Why would you consider using HTTPS?

HTTPS secures three elements: encryption, data integrity, and authentication. If you are still using HTTP, third parties can easily inject malicious content to your website without your knowledge. It can have a serious impact on your brand image and may even put your business at risk as a result.

In 2014, many websites have switched to HTTPS with a percentage of 55%. In 2016, the adoption increased to 79% as more and more website owners are concerned about their level of security. Aside from security, people who have made the switch consider HTTPS as a viable platform for meeting customer expectations.

Setting Up HTTPS

HTTPS and SSL work hand in hand to provide an encrypted standard for website-client communication. SSL serves as a door keeper. You cannot enter a building unless you hand your ID to the door keeper. This means that SSL will verify that your license is legit before you can get inside.

The process of setting up HTTPS:

  1. Purchase and register an SSL certificate from an SSL provider;

  2. Be sure to register the SSL certificate in the name of the website;

  3. Verify whether or not the website is legitimate by working with the SSL provider.

You purchase SSL certificates on a yearly basis.  As a rule of thumb, you need to successfully install SSL  certificate on your website to establish HTTPS connections.

Do eCommerce websites really need an SSL certificate?

Ecommerce websites usually require HTTPS and SSL certificates.

1.  Consumers prefer websites using HTTPS especially for credit card payments. Online retailers that provide a secure way of accepting credit card payments give customers greater peace of mind. Running on HTTPS ensures that your website treats information with confidentiality. As a result, more and more customers trust your website.

  1. Businesses are expected to follow legal requirements or privacy regulations.

Using third party payment system such as Paypal spares your website from using HTTPS and purchasing SSL. All transactions that you run through a third party shopping cart, which is hosted on a different website will no longer require you to purchase your own SSL certificate.

In general, there is a greater chance that a prospective buyer will commit to choosing your company if your website is secure or using HTTPS. SEO wise, Google favors sites that utilise HTTPS, which can have a slight effect on the sites' ranking.

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