Online Security: Why The Old Tricks Are No Longer Working

The Internet has taught us an important lesson about online security especially with the most recent global attack. Regardless of your preparation to combat these attacks, the Internet is becoming a nightmare as you have to look over your shoulder and wait for the hackers to strike. Even simple online activities such as checking your emails or reading the news have never been made easy because the digital predators are always on the look out.

Are we really prepared for the worst?

When you are greeted by a ransomware demanding money so you can regain access to your device, the steps you take are never enough. As technology continues to show signs of progress, hackers are also going the extra mile to breach online security. Changing passwords on a regular basis ensuring that they are hard to guess is a cliche but it works nevertheless. However, to keep your data secure, you need to think and act fast.

These days, two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to online accounts. With its layer of protection, gaining access to your account becomes a challenge to online intruders. Although this is a clever way to keep hackers at bay, this method has been completely busted.

The two-factor authentication sends random codes via SMS to ensure that only account holders can gain access to the account. Unfortunately, hackers have already exploited this method as they have control over redirecting SMS messages to any mobile device they want. This is done via telephone signaling protocols.

Another way in which security can be compromised is when you are using Virtual Private Networks (VPN). How does VPN work? Your online data is encrypted and run through their own server. VPN protects you from hackers as they cannot see what you are doing. Although this idea is appealing to Internet users, there are VPN services that provide a less secure network. The situation even becomes more challenging because it is difficult to tell which VPN is considered legit.

However, this does not mean we should let the attacks happen as we can still do something about it. There is a caveat though: it is no easy task. Fear and paranoia may just save us from hackers. Digital literacy is going to play an important role in providing layers of protection.

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