Is Hybrid Cloud The Best Cloud Hosting Option?

If your business has dynamic business needs, opting for cloud hosting service is the best way to go. The best thing about choosing cloud hosting is that it does not have any infrastructural restrictions as compared to traditional web hosting environment. When the needs of the website change, organisations will find it easier to downscale or upscale server requirement. However, there are three cloud hosting services to choose from: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

When there are flexibility and scalability, many businesses will be driven towards it. If you are still exploring three cloud service options. It is important to have a careful analysis such as weighing the pros and cons of each cloud hosting service.

Public Cloud

This type of cloud hosting service is shared by multiple business owners. Some examples of these services include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure Service Platforms and Google AppEngine. These are considered as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and each user has specific bandwidth space. For companies searching for inexpensive cloud hosting option, the public cloud fits the bill. Flexibility, inexpensiveness, high performance and pay per usage are some of its notable benefits. However, for organisations who are concerned about storing their sensitive data, public cloud is not a suitable option because it does not provide certain levels of control and security.

Private Cloud

If storing your sensitive data in public cloud concerns you, the private cloud is a much safer option to consider. It is intended for a single organisation and company. With the private cloud, all the disk space, bandwidth and resources are utilised to store up information. Safety is the primary concern for most organisation and the private cloud is a technical infrastructure that gives you peace of mind. However, it is more expensive than the public cloud. The organisations that are usually using this cloud hosting service are hospitals, research labs and Government agencies. The private cloud is customisable, highly secure and has superior performance.

Hybrid Cloud

This cloud hosting service provides you the best of both worlds. It is a combination of public and private cloud. Hybrid cloud can be incorporated within the organisation's infrastructure such as engaging two cloud hosting companies for public and private cloud service respectively.  These days, many organisations are moving towards hybrid cloud and they also believe that it is the future of corporate IT infrastructure. Hybrid cloud offers great level of control and security while also letting organisations enjoy flexibility, scalability and affordability.

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