How To Protect Your Website From A Bad Host?

Before your website goes live, you need to choose a web host that ensures your website's success. A reliable web host means your site will be up and running with minimal downtime. If you fail to do a thorough research on web host providers, your website will surely suffer as frequent downtime can affect your SEO ranking. Even if you are starting out, choosing a bad web host is no excuse. The good news is, you are in total control of choosing a web host that works for you.

1. Register your domain

In most cases, hosting providers offer a free domain, but this does not mean that you are required to make it your primary domain. Your URL might be hard to remember and this can greatly affect the credibility of your business. If you want your website to establish its own brand and identity, registering your domain is an option to consider.

2. Go with a company that offers a free trial

There are customers that may not be certain about choosing the provider that suits their hosting preferences. If you are unsure whether or not you should commit to choosing a hosting company, going with a web host that offers free trial is a great option because it will help you to uncover any problems associated with the provider. It is also necessary to check if the company also provides money back guarantee.

3. Select your payment method

Before choosing a hosting company, you need to set up a billing method. Some of the most common and more secure payment options are debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. If you choose PayPal, you will be protected both as the customer and the merchant from theft, fraud and many others. Debit cards are also a good option especially for those who are just starting out. Using credit cards are also an option as they  offer built-in protection from unauthorised charges.

4. Avoid choosing blacklisted IPs

Your site stands a great chance of being blocked if your hosting company is still using blacklisted IPs. Always make it a point do a thorough research and read customer reviews so you will know if your web host provider has good reputation.

5. Backup your website

Backing up your website is another best practice that website owners should follow. If anything goes wrong, you can be sure that your website will not be seriously affected due to hacking, data breach or dropped hosting issues.

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