Can A Hosting Provider Affect Your SEO Effort?

Google's algorithm evolves and changes just when you thought your SEO strategies are proven to improve your search engine ranking. Without a doubt, these changes are challenging and stressful. There are many factors that can create a huge impact on your SEO effort and one of which is your hosting provider. Failure to choose a reliable hosting provider can hurt your search engine ranking.

How does your hosting provider affect SEO?

While your hosting provider does not necessarily boost your ranking, but choosing a poor web hosting service can still have a negative effective. Due to the tough competition among online businesses, it is no surprising that many website owners invest in a reliable hosting service. However, there are site owners who opt for the cheapest service. If you do not truly understand the role of hosting in SEO, you will never realise how advantageous it is to choose wisely.

User experience and safety affect your Google rankings. If your website is not secure, your rankings can be affected in more ways than one. Once your website is attacked by malware, Google can easily detect attacks and will penalise your website for it. Your online reputation and traffic will also be affected once visitors learned of these flaws. These factors can definitely affect your ranking. Although, you make a conscious effort to protect your website against attacks, your host should also play an important role in ensuring security. If you have poor security, you are also opening doors and windows to hackers, making your website more vulnerable to malware infection.

SEO and server performance

Downtime and server speed can also affect your SEO effort. This is one factor that Google takes seriously. If your website is taking minutes to load or experiencing frequent downtime, driving traffic to your website will be challenging. Reliable providers have 99% uptime and only 1% downtime. You may have made an effort to improve your speed, your hosting provider can slow your website down. If you have a shared server, your speed is more likely to be affected by the fact that you are sharing the same server with multiple sites. A dedicated server is essential to improving your website's performance. While it costs you more money, you will be able to improve your business in the long run.

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