Are You Choosing The Right Server For Your Website?

The success of building a website depends on the server you choose. There are many types of server to choose from, but not all of them will be able to address your needs. Some known hosting types to consider are managed hosting, virtual servers, shared hosting and dedicated servers. All servers have their own challenges and benefits. It is important to familiarise yourself with the type of hosting available to you so you can make informed decision.

If you are after the price, you may consider the hosting services with the lowest price. However, as your website needs increase, you need a more dedicated server that suits your requirements. You will be choosing between dedicated servers and virtual servers.

Virtual server vs Dedicated server

Virtual servers share server resources with another web master on the same server. If an IP address is shared by many websites on a single machine, it is also referred to as virtual server hosting. However, if you want individual accessibility, dedicated servers are the way to go because you enjoy the privacy of your very own server. This means you will gain complete control over one server with dedicated server hosting.

With VPS servers or Virtual Private Server, you will be offered minimum allocation of resources and an installation of software package. A dedicated server is much faster than VPS. If you go for a dedicated server , you will be able to have a greater control of your web server. Dedicated server also offers customisation and all the resources are allocated to a single customer.

Some important things to remember when choosing a dedicated server:

Most web host providers offer additional services to ensure proper server management. These services may include DNS services, restoration and backup, user management, OS updates, security audits and many others. There are also web hosting companies that take care of Administrative maintenance. These include updates, upgrades, creating/adding/managing user accounts, domains and email accounts.

Whether you are choosing VPS or dedicated server, it is important to note that a server that does not meet your website needs will only waste your money. If you want a server that offers flexibility, dedicated server is the way to go. However, if you want a cheaper server that still offers decent hosting services, VPS is a good option.

Do not immediately choose servers without weighing your options. What may work for one website may not work for you. Assess your needs and determine if your prospecting hosting company can provide you high quality service without breaking the bank.

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