7 Steps To Changing Your Web Hosting Company

The most exciting part of owning a website is choosing a web hosting company that will help you to meet your needs for bandwidth, space and customer service. However, you become increasingly disappointed overtime when the web hosting provider fails to meet your expectations. This is a clear sign that you need to choose a better hosting service provider. The selection process is the hard part of moving to a new service provider. Fortunately, there is still a way to improve your web hosting experience. A 7-step plan is all you need to move your website to a better web hosting provider.

1. Be sure to back-up your website

It is possible to encounter problems in the process of switching to a new web hosting company. This is why your website needs a safety net. This way, you will have ample time for preparation while still searching for a web hosting company that meets your needs. When backing up your website, you need to choose a web development tool so you can download all current files, which are used in your website such as HTML files and graphics.

2. Record essential information

Although it is easy to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of your website, but relying on your memory is not enough. If you intend to move to a new hosting provider, you should take time to record important information. The details you need record are email boxes, security settings and configuration information.

3. Choose a new web hosting provider

Take your time to select a web hosting provider that can give you an improved hosting experience. A reliable hosting company should have an uptime guarantee and the server should support everything.

4. Inform your visitors about the switch

When you switch to a new web hosting provider, everyone will be affected with the changes including your visitors. If you have ecommerce website, it is imperative that you inform your visitors as some of them may have already placed a purchase. Give visitors warning before switching and be sure to provide contact information.

5. Load your website

Before you proceed with domain name change, it is bet to load your site first. This can be done by loading the files of your website to the IP address that your web hosting company has provided.

6. Update your domain name record

Once you change your domain name, it is important to change the domain name record as well. If your hosting provider is also your domain name registrar, the process will be simpler for you. If you have a different domain name registrar, there will be more effort required. It may take 2 days for your website to live on a different server.

7. Cancel the old account

Once the period of domain propagation has passed and the issues have been properly addressed, the final step you should take is to close your account with the old hosting provider.

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