4 Cyber Security Threats Every Organisation Must Be Aware Of

Small businesses that hold on to the belief that cyber criminals only target large companies are exposing themselves to great danger. Cyber threats target everyone and with that said, small businesses are no exception. In fact, experts encourage small businesses to create high levels of security to prevent loss of assets.

Falling victim to cyber attacks is costly. For small businesses, it can break the bank. Cyber threats come in various forms. Educating employees about the risk factors can help decrease the possibility of a threat.

So how do you secure your organisation against cyber security threats? It is essential to be aware of the common types of cyber attacks so you can avoid situations which may put your organisation at risk.


Malware is a broad term and any machine can get infected once it is installed on a machine. How do you protect your machine against spyware, adware, ransomware and Trojans? Businesses should invest in anti-virus technology to prevent these viruses from taking hold. Even operating systems must also have firmware and firewalls. However, organisations should be aware that these services must  be kept up to date. Outdated services cannot protect your machine against threats.

Internal Threats

Small businesses also face one of the largest cyber security threats and these internal threats can seriously affect internal systems. It is important to take safety measures to reduce these risks. For instance, employees that have already resigned should no longer have access to sensitive files. Having tools that have the ability to track privileged accounts can also prevent malicious activity.

Lack cyber security awareness

Human error is also a problem to most small businesses. It is important for employees to obtain basic level of cyber security knowledge. If employees lack knowledge about different types of cyber security threats, they will be easily convinced to provide their user information and password once a spear phishing email is received. Since you are not always present to monitor your employees' activities, raising their awareness can make a great difference.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Unsecure mobile devices that access or share company data increase the likelihood of data theft. Many small businesses are embracing BYOD technology, but without knowledge about the security policy, unsecured devices may carry malicious applications that will be able to bypass security. As a result, network within the company can be easily accessed. A defined BYOD policy must be put in place so employees's expectations are set regarding proper use of devices.

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