3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Domain Name

The first step to making your presence known in the World Wide Web is by building a website. A lot of time and effort is put into web design and features, but selecting a domain name also requires serious attention. Your domain name is your website's identity. People will know what you are selling by merely looking at your web address. When domain name creates confusion, it will be daunting to reach your target audience. Make sure you do not commit these 3 mistakes when choosing your domain name.

1. Choosing a domain name that is hard to spell.

Is your domain name easy to spell? If you tell a friend or a colleague your web address, will they be able to spell it correctly? When domains are difficult to spell or remember, the chance that people will visit your website is small.

2. Choosing a vague domain name.

The last thing you want to do is to mislead your audience with a domain that says something different. In choosing a domain, think about the message you wish to convey to people. If you are selling products and services, your domain should define what your business is all about. Even changing capitalisation can make a huge difference. Be wary of the domain you choose as it can make or break your business.

3. Choosing a domain name with a trademark problem.

Avoid using a domain name that has trademark issues. While it is unavoidable to come across a domain name that happens to be owned by another company, it does not deny the fact that the domain name violates laws on trademark registration. There are databases you can use to find out if your chosen domain name has been taken.

Sometimes keeping it simple works wonders. This is because you are making it easy for users to type in the name of your website. Although you may spend too much time thinking about creative domain names, people are more likely to misspell your name when they are not familiar with it. Numbers and hyphens must also be avoided.

Relevant domain names will also give users what they are asking for. If you have a food business, your domain name should boost your branding. Keyword abuse is also discouraged because it can be harmful to your website. Limit your website to two or three keywords and make sure that it reflects the content of your website. You may be surprised but search engines favor websites that use simple and original domain names.

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